The history of Realiza Architecture shows the balanced development between theory, professional ethics, technical management and business pragmatism construction. This story can be illustrated by the numerous books and published theoretical work, by participating in the foundation ASBEA-PR (Brazilian Association of Architecture) and ISO 9001 certification in project management (audited by BVQI), as well as participation in shows like House and Colour awards in architectural competitions. A great example of the recognition we have in the market was the company's choice to join the Masterpiece project, organized by SINDUSCON-PR. We were pioneers in building projects like Smart FUNBEP (TIM), buildings with the use of vertical permeability and made the first city lofts.

What I could say is that the Realiza Architecture no doubt it is one of the most updated and prepared architecture offices in Brazil.

Zeco Beraldin
Diretor Empório Beraldin São Paulo

Sky and Ground

When you are developing an architecture project, two moments are critical. The first is the creativity of an original idea, beautiful, pleasant, functional, practical and so on. The other moment is to make it a reality with precision, technical feasibility, operational and also financial. Design and execute with Realiza - with Frederick and Anthony works that way. They have these two potential well defined, integrated and working very well for their clients.
The historic of innovation, the quality of the projects and their aesthetic results are evidence of the caliber of great ideas. The methodologies, ISO 9000, the system of work, maximum use technical and legal processes and transparency is the value on the business, which generates efficiency and profitability.
They invest a lot in this and are constantly improving the systems and working methods. In addition, of course, increasingly surprised to creativity and results. In architecture more than ever this integration is important, creating the sky, but their feet firmly on the ground.

Roger Edmun Rieger
Business consultant director of Rieger,Tavares Consulting


The iso 9001 ensures one methodological organization that decreases flaws, leaves clearly defined responsibilities, creates records of all project details such as approvals, documents sent and received, and warrants to the customer that all suppliers and employees are trained and qualified, that all equipment are received, the software legal, technical standards are respected, that every complaint is addressed and resulting in less wasted time with routines and more free time for creativity and the development of architecture as it arte. All of this bounded to regular internal and external audits by bVQI.

More than 6 million square meters designed

The 6 million square meters designed guarantee living and feed back.

Since 1984

since 1984 ensures the stability of a company that continues to renew itself

National Award ASBEA

The national award ASBEA shows national recognition in the first entity awards, being the only office outside the Sao Paulo circuit to be awarded.

Pilo Project Sinduscon PR

The choice to participate in the pilot Sinduscon assured access to the main technologies and methods of project management and construction works carried out by 27 and the German expert Gbauer and an improvement in the reading of the market, competition and buyers' habits.

Frederico Carstens - Master in Architecture

The master's degree in contemporary architecture ensures continuous updating and expanding its commitment in pursuing the new architecture, innovative and in tune with our times, understanding the customs of a civilization in constant transformation.


We have projected during the end of the 20th century, that means, during the 80's and the 90's. Nowadays, we face the new challenges of the 21st century. Considering architecture as a form of art and cultural expression that takes part on the reign of mental paradigms, Realiza does a work that must always be synchronized with the spirit of our time.

This relation with time and civilization can happen in two ways: actively or passively. With involvement or distance. Virtually or simply updating knowledge. We've chose to be active, with the necessary involvement and updating that turn us able of comprehend, represent and participate of a time of violent transitions of a post-industrial society, of a post-modern culture, of the bio-informational sciences, of the 4th wave civilization. Doing architecture without this sense means give in to damage aspects of the consume and entertainment society, and the result is a superficial and kitsch architecture, a simple consume product. Being in synchrony with our time leads us to the practice of an extreme architecture, an "edge" architecture.

During the last decades of the past century, this positioning has conducted us from an architecture with a transformation rhythm of a modern language to a pop and communicative one, reversing the mapping and questioning the established things. Now, this methodology approximates us even more to other forms of art, such as painting, music, dance, theatre, sciences. From the complexity and its non-linear dynamics and new metaphors to a more creative universe. Being "edge" means to overcome the genealogic state of the first post-modern phase to seek a new stage of a post modernism, this one without hyphen, analogical, towards a friendly, sexy and iconographic architecture, that sees potential on unexpected events, reflecting the chaos, valorizing the place and local history. Believing in a new esthetic is believe in the possibility of seeing the world with new colors, telling histories from new points of view, exposing contradictions and dismantling pre-conceived structures. It's like to being born to tolerate differences and answer positively to the craving of an emergent culture that demands new ways and new answers.


Frederico Carstens and Frederick J. Antonio Gonçalves Junior are both architects that rethink frayed formulas of architecture and face the profession as an art form and cultural expression. They care about functionality and originality of the projects. The result of this work is in your hands.

Frederico Carstens

  • - Master in Architecture PUC/PR | UFRS - 2003
  • - Graduated in first place on Architecture UFPR - 1986
  • - Founder of ASBEA - PR (Brazilian Association of Architecture Offices)
  • - Former director of the IAB-PR (Institute of Architects of Brazil)
  • - Several papers, articles and books published
  • - Creative Director since 1986 of Realiza Architecture
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Antonio José Gonçalves Jr.

  • - Postgraduate in Business Real Estate
  • - Specialist in Project Management
  • - Graduate in Architecture in 1987 by UFPR
  • - Several papers, articles and books published
  • - Technical Director since 1989 of Architecture Performs
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Titled " Architecture Performs " Frederico Carstens and Antonio José Gonçalves Junior . The book collects images of recent production company performs Architecture . Classified by use and size represent the aesthetic thought of facing the challenges Performs projetuais proposed . It is divided into multi-use condominiums , hotels , commercial buildings , corporate towers , office parks , shopping malls , sports , and industrial master plan .

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