Special people who believe in architecture as art and the possibility of creating an aesthetic renewed in tune with our contemporary civilization are welcome in Realiza Architecture.


If you have the ability to manage large projects, is organized and follows quality procedures, have knowledge of the laws and procedures of approval, has easy to relate with the customer and are creative in your design solutions, come join our team architects. You can grow very professionally.


If you know how to use Autocad very well, is in the fourth or fifth year of architecture college, you already know how to develop project with some guidance and want to learn a lot, come join our team of interns.


If you have large capacity planning and project control, is a born leader, has confidence to lead large teams, is creative and has ease of personal relationship, besides having all the basic knowledge of the role of architect, you can come to be a project coordinator at Realiza. Come be part of our team.

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