• Inspirations - Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Inspirations - Richard Meyer
  • Inspirations - Oscar Nyemeier
  • Choose the terrain
  • The pragrama
  • Topography
  • Insolation
  • Winds
  • Legislation
  • Creation
  • Creation
  • Architectural language
  • Architectural language
  • Architectural language
  • Architectural language
  • Preliminary Study
  • Project Executive and approval at City Hall
  • Project Executive and approval at City Hall
  • Detailing
  • Interior architecture
  • Interior architecture
  • Interior architecture


Frequent Questions (when building)


  • Where and how to buy land?
  • What is the appropriate style for my house?
  • How will be after ready?
  • How much will I spend?
  • How long will it take?


Architecture for living

An intelligent advisory system design houses and interiors. The choice of land through design, budget, schedule, procurement, follow up the execution of work. In addressing residential projects, the Realiza Architecture search always the possibility of a better life. Being at peace with life enjoying what she gives us the best means to overcome the pre-established rules and pursue the dream of man in relation to its place in the world.


We consider architecture an artistic expression in tune with the spirit of our age. Make architecture on XXI century means performing an architecture edge, extreme, toward an architecture friendly, sensual, iconographic, able to leverage unexpected events, valuing the place, history and environment. Believing in a new aesthetic is to believe in the possibility of seeing the world with new colors, telling stories from new points of view.

Determinants of the project

There are countless factors constraints on an architecture project. Below are listed the main factors and their influences on an architecture project.

Choose the terrain

In choosing the ground several items should be examined: insertion urban surroundings, accessibility, urban facilities and equipment available, future appreciation, climate, legislation, topography, etc. ...

The program

Families have different sizes and different behaviors and in each case it is necessary to establish a special program and flows. 2 or 3 bedrooms, family room, home theater, pool, barbecue?

Everything will influence your way of life and the final cost of the work.


Harnessing levels, basement, ground handling, embankments, retaining walls, and vegetation may form interesting spaces, but their costs should be analyzed carefully.


In Curitiba the solar orientation may or may not enhance the thermal comfort of a building. Residences cold in winter and hot in summer are bad examples of how to enjoy and protect the building from the sun.


The prevailing winds can bring benefits or nuisance to the residents. In Curitiba is common to find balconies facing the prevailing winds, which leaves the unusable most of the year. However winds are important for the air renewal in the interior of buildings avoiding unpleasant odors.


The city and other government agencies (SMMA, ABNT, fire, etc ...) They have several regulations and decrees limiting and guiding parameters for each zone or district of the city such as: number of floors, occupancy rate, coefficient of utilization, rate of permeability among others. The character of public roads will also influence the parameters for your batch.

Curitiba: climate and region

Curitiba is located at latitude 25 ° 25'40 "s, longitude 49 ° 13 'west, on land gently undulating constituting the first plateau of Paraná or plateau Curitiba, bordered on the east by the Serra do Mar, north over rough terrain in the mountainous region of Açungui; south by large expanses of flat and gently undulating and on the west by the Sierra escarpment Devonian of São Luiz do Purunã, with general fields, or upland edge thick. Altitude average Curitiba: 920m.De according to the classification technique Köppen climate of Curitiba is a "cfb, always moist, warm temperate climate rainfall, average warmest month lower than 22 ° c and ten months of the year with averages above 10 º c.

The static analysis of the daily and annual temperature average shows a regular aspect of its variation: medium daily amplitudes between 10 and 12oC, which in perceptive terms consists in an accentuated variation. Amongst other consequences, this means, for instance, a bigger possibility of occurring breezy and cold nights, which takes part on the domestic habits of curitibanos and the lack of night life in the city. During the morning, the sun, frequently covered by a morning fog, mixes up to the lowest air temperatures that increase as the day pass by. During the afternoon, the sun, more intense, will be associated with highest temperatures. On these conditions, during six months, the east will not be a favorable orientation as the north of the country and, at night, the rooms of this side will be cold. On summer, the west located rooms, even without a lot of glass, can bring the sensation of being on a greenhouse.

The air humidity, between 1p.m. and 2 p.m., will hit 65% and at dawn will saturate or close to it. The north winds are those that carry bad weather, rain and occur mostly on summer. The south winds, Andean winds and polar winds are cold winter winds that bring ironically sunny days, clear skies and light. These, in Curitiba, are moderate ones which accentuate the cold perception but are very welcome when it's hot. On summer, the ventilation is very much necessary to compensate the high air humidity.


In this stage the dream becomes to come true. Using sketches, designs and raffs the ideas are gaining life in the paper. Volumes, spaces and shapes are conceived.

Architectural language

Each house must reflect the owner's ersonality. The architect interprets the dream and makes it come true. These are some projects of Realiza.

Preliminary study

In the preliminary study we present the initial ideas to your house, focusing on all project conditionings. The data are transformed into designs by the architect, resulting in the first image of your dream.

Executive project and city hall approval

At this point, is fundamental the attention to projects compatibility. It is possible to avoid that problems come up during the job execution. In this stage, areas, quotas, finishing and frames are defined, followed by the project approval at city hall. Complementary projects Tais

These projects intend to equip your house with high technology in a way that turns it as comfortable and safe as possible. All projects must be done by specialized professionals and companies:

Electrics (generator, integrated energy systems) Structural Hydraulics (hot water, cold water, tank) Audio and video (home theatre, TV, high-end) Telephony (telephone, intercom, internet, cable TV, PABX) Security (alarms, security cameras, remote integrated system) Air conditioning and calefaction (radial floor, central heater) Gas Landscaping (ornamental plants, environmental character, privacy, irrigation) Residential automation systemAspiration Budget and the job The budget which guides the project since the first raffs is confirmed after the definitive project. So you will know in details how much your dream will cost. The job deadline and the finishing levels are going to change the final budget.

Detailing and interior architecture

The most the project is detailed the least you will worry during the job execution. The landscaping will complement your residence by getting man and nature close together and fitting them in a universal and environmental oncerning. At the end of the job, you will receive an owner's guide containing maintenance instructions, emergency procedures, material and suppliers specification, all this so your home have a long life and with a cheap maintenance. As the job is finished is time to project the interior architecture. Gourmet kitchen, cellar, fixtures and metals create unique details that turn your home one of a kind and make your dream come true. The pleasure of living is the order. At the turn of the century only those who are comfortable with their lives will be able to enjoy it at their best. For us, this is to decorate, to ambient a space – not only the technical exercise of combining forms and textures. Our work resumes this harmony among happy people (basic component of a good decoration), tones and natural fibers, sleekly shapes, light and lots of comfort.